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IamgeAlbum NameArtist ReleasedLink
Jennifer Sings - Sea, Surf, Sand and Swimming Songs Jennifer Hopson 10/18/12
Pirate Treasure CD - Pirate Songs Jennifer Hopson 10/16/12
At the Billabong - Aussie Bush Songs Jennifer Hopson 10/17/12

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We also have Jennifer's songs available individually. Click below to find them on iTunes.


1 Creatures Whale song CD 01:41
2 Pirates Are Waiting Pirate Treasure CD 03:20
3 Cuddly Koala At the Billabong CD 01:38
4 There's Gonna Be a Battle Pirate Treasure CD 02:33
5 Octopus Blues Whale song CD 04:00
6 I Like to Swim Whale song CD 03:01
7 Starfish Whale song CD 02:34
8 I'm a Swagman At the Billabong CD 02:24
9 Yo Ho Ho Ho Pirate Treasure CD 02:34
10 Going to the Beach Whale song CD 02:03
11 Hurrah! Hurrah! Pirate Treasure CD 02:54
12 Wobble Like a Jellyfish Whale song CD 02:45
13 Whale of a Tale Pirate Treasure CD 02:12
14 Five Little Fishies Whale song CD 02:50
15 Chatter in the Gum Trees At the Billabong CD 02:49
16 Sail Away Pirate Treasure CD 04:11
17 Big Surprise Pirate Treasure CD 02:56
18 Mermaid Lullaby Whale song CD 03:15
19 Message in a Bottle (Pirate Treasure) Pirate Treasure CD 02:33
20 Found It! Pirate Treasure CD 02:13
21 Alex the Albatross Whale song CD 01:48
22 At the Beach Pirate Treasure CD 02:15
23 Pirate Adventure Whale song CD 02:32
24 Kangaroo Hop At the Billabong CD 01:54
25 Hungry Crocodile At the Billabong CD 02:16
26 Wombat (Where Ya Gonna Wander?) At the Billabong CD 01:55
27 Beware the Bunyip At the Billabong CD 02:12
28 Way Down Under (Australia) At the Billabong CD 02:46
29 Dig for Treasure Pirate Treasure CD 03:22
30 Pirate Adventure Remix Whale song CD 02:18
31 Whale Song Whale song CD 06:26
32 Out On the Ocean Pirate Treasure CD 04:13
33 Goanna, Go At the Billabong CD 02:19
34 Banjo Frog At the Billabong CD 01:40
35 Muttaburrasaurus Dinosaur At the Billabong CD 03:48
36 Mighty Pirates Pirate Treasure CD 02:11
37 The Clapping Song Whale song CD 01:41
Whale Song is a stunning picture book which should be in contention for children's book of the year.....the Whale Song CD is a joyous collection of children's songs providing hours of listening pleasure.

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